The Effect of Applying Preventive Intervention based on Champion Health Believe Model on Breast Cancer Fatalism, Knowledge and Screening Behaviors among Female Employees


Recent abstract published in Integrative Journal of Global Health by Anwaar Anwar Tayel et. al, Damanhour University, Egypt

Breast cancer (BC) is the most common cancer among women and leading cause of death worldwide, including Egypt. Many factors are identified to be linked with BC, fear and fatalism play a vital role in discouraging women from seeking BC screening.

Aim of the study: To investigate the effect of applying preventive intervention based on Champion Health Believe Model on breast cancer fatalism, knowledge and screening behaviors among female employees.

Subjects & Method: Subjects: 200 female employees working in Alexandria & Damanhour universities.

Research design: A quasi experimental design was adopted to carry out the study. Tool I: Female employees’ breast cancer screening knowledge and practice scale, Tool II: Powe Cancer Fatalism Scale, & Tool III: Champion’s Health Belief Model Scale. In addition to, female employees’ Basic Data Structured Questionnaire, data were analyzed using percentages & Pearson Chi-square.

Results: The smallest percentages of the female employees had good breast cancer related knowledge and screening measures in the pre-program implementation phase. Statistically significant rise were noticed immediately after the program implementation. Women in both faculties had high cancer fatalism level in the initial assessment, which lessened immediately after the program application, with a statistically significant difference between them. The highest mean and standard deviation in Alexandria and Damanhour in perceived Susceptibility, perceived Seriousness and perceived benefits was immediate after the program.

Conclusions: It was concluded that female employees’ ‘knowledge & practice of breast cancer was greatly affected by breast cancer fatalism, applying Breast Cancer related preventive program improve the knowledge and practice of female employees and decrease the level of breast cancer fatalism. Recommendation: Empowering women to take a proactive role in their own health & support health care professional role.

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